Ski Areas

The Bulkley Valley is full of mountains and potential for great skiing. A full collection of our maps and resources is here for you to use. Backcountry skiing is inherently dangerous so make sure that you are aware of your surroundings at all times and make careful plans before heading out. We will continue to update and add to our collection of resources, and if you see an area that is missing or would like to see added to our list please send us an email.


Click the photos for each area below to be taken to a map or further resource.


Ashman Ridge

See our collection of resources for Ashman Ridge, or book the cabin for your stay.

Four Lakes

Babine Mountains

This beautiful setting falls within Babine Mountains Provincial Park. Please visit the BC Parks website for more information including maps, terrain, accomodation at Joe L'Orsa Cabin.

Blunt Range

Blunt Range

Northeast of Smithers, the Blunt Range provides some great backcountry skiing for those willing to work there way to get there. Maps to come, stay tuned.

Corya Creek

Corya Creek

Northwest of Smithers, Corya Creek is an adventurous tour for which you must have a plan. Access via Highway 16, find a map of the area below. The BBSS is hoping to get beta and information together.

EBC Alpine.

East Boulder Creek

The BBSS' most recent ongoing project. Substantial amounts of time and effort have gone into the development of this area.

Four Lakes Peak

Four Lakes Peak

One of the most easily accessed alpine areas in the Babine Mountains. Head southeast of Smithers and drive for 27.7km on Babine Lake Road. Park just past Smokey Creek Bridge. Ski 2km on old cutblock road, and watch for flagging. This area can be severly wind and sun affected so use your best judgement.


Hankin - Evelyn Backcountry Ski Areas

A success story for the Backcountry Ski model where human powered recreation has flourished. Find more information about this special terrain or book the cabin below.

Fun laps on the Prairie.

Hudson Bay Mountain

Home to our local ski hill, Hudson Bay Mountain Resort, as well as a large amount of backcountry and slackcountry terrain. Lots to explore and lifts for when the legs tire.


Shames Resort and Backcountry

Our friends to the west in Terrace have some incredible terrain to explore. Our snowpacks vary significantly, so make sure that you are up to date with snow conditions and weather before making the decision to tour!

Hudson Bay Mountain Winter night

Silvern Lakes

The northern valley between Hudson Bay Mountain, Elliot and Evelyn Peaks holds much opportunity for skiing. A long approach from either McDonnell Lake Road or along Toboggan Creek Road is necessary with a snowmobile being permissible along the latter.


Skilokis Ridge

Typical terrain for the Bulkley Valley which may include some form of long ski tour or snowmobile to access the incredible alpine terrain available here. Maps to be uploaded soon.

Seaton Basin

Seaton Basin

An amazing area for snowmobiling and skiing. This area is open to our engine-equipped friends so please recognize this and ski carefully and be understanding that we do not have an exclusive access agreement for this area, share the snow! Maps to be uploaded soon.