Book A Backcountry Cabin

Are you interested in booking one of our two cabins? Please check to see if your dates of interest have been booked for either of the Hankin Fire Lookout or Ashman Skylark Shelter. If available, please fill out the form below and our cabin booking person will respond in short order.

COVID - 19 Precautions & Booking Considerations

In cooperation with RSTBC, we will be opening our shelters for use by reservation this winter. Special considerations have been given to ensure the safe use for all. Please read the precautions below and abide by these guidelines if you are looking to reserve our cabins!

- Maximum number of occupants at any cabin is 3 people (Ashman Skylark) & 5 people (Hankin Fire Lookout) 
- Our reservation system may be closed at any time at the discretion of RSTBC and public health guidelines, stay tuned.

- Review all signage regarding sanitation and safe hygiene practices. Bring your own sanitizer and cleaning supplies. More importantly, use them!

- We will be only allowing bookings that permit a 72 hour gap between parties, please request dates that allow for this gap, see calendar below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the BBSS at our Contact Us link!

Looking to know what you need to bring along with you on your trip, how best to get to our Hankin Fire Lookout or Ashman Skylark Shelter? Look no further than the documents to the right!

Our team will be in touch with you regarding your desired dates based upon bookings and availability. We handle all payments through Zone4/Stripe, and appreciate your cooperation. All proceeds from cabin bookings are reinvested in cabin maintenance and expansion projects throughout our region!

Cabin Booking Form
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