About Us

  The BBSS promotes a safe and vibrant backcountry skiing and snowboarding community in northwestern BC by improving the quality of backcountry skiing experiences through infrastructure development, education and skills development, and advocating for the interests of backcountry skiers.
The BBSS' role aims to:
  • improve the quality of backcountry skiing experiences through development, enhancement and maintenance;
  • advocate for the interests of backcountry skiers with regards to recreational land management;
  • provide education and skill development opportunities;
  • promote non-motorized use of the backcountry, while supporting responsible motorized access on designated existing road and trail infrastructure;
  • encourage environmentally responsible behaviour in all associated Society activities.

Our current executive team consists of a dedicated bunch of skiiers, if you snowboard, or may be interested in joining the BBSS Executive, please feel free to contact us with the button below.

Adrian Baker - President

Erin Hall - Past President

Matt Mazurek - Ashman, Vice President

Brian Yamanaka - Treasurer

Daniel Helm - Secretary

Mike Dunbar - Membership, East Boulder, Starr Creek

Paul Backhouse - Ashman

Joe Pojar - Hankin

Jay Gilden - Hankin

Nellie Dow - Communications

Jeff McKay - Website

Laura Stanton - Events

Find below a bit of BBSS history, our archive of newsletters of winters gone by. There are some great photos and helps to show what the BBSS has been able to accomplish. They aren't quite annual, but hey, the snow was too good to be on the computer.
November 2012
January 2013
February 2014
 January 2017