Hankin Work Bee – September 25, 2021

Quick update (Sept 24th): If you are considering giving a hand please send an email to bbskisociety@gmail.com. Given all the rain and fresh work done on the Hankin road (uptrack FSR) we would like to send out an email this evening confirming the location.


All winter enthusiasts are invited to join us for this fall’s scheduled work bee!

We will be working on improving and maintaining our beloved Hankin-Evelyn ski runs and cabins. This year we are looking to give the fire look out and warming hut a good clean along with continued efforts on brushing the Runs. A priority will be given to Run 7 to finish what has been started this year by other awesome volunteers.  We will also look to identify and rework any slash piles that are remaining on the runs. There will also be a few random tasks to be completed. We will hope for a beautiful fall day, but the work bee must go on rain or shine. Chili will be provided to warm everyone up!

Date: September 25th, 2021 – Meeting at 10am at the Hankin Winter Parking Lot.

We will not be coordinating carpooling this year though if you have an established social circle and wish to carpool it will safe some space in our parking lot. Typically we suggest leaving town shortly after 9 am to make it to the bee!



What to Bring: We encourage those who have a brush saw/large weed trimmer to bring them. Hand saws (like Silky wood saws and/or pruning clippers would be excellent).  Bring a backpack, gloves, ear protection, safety glasses, some water and snacks. If you are interested in being park of a cleaning crew at the top bring some general cleaning supplies would help although we will be providing some. Dress appropriately for the weather, we’ll be out there rain or shine! We will be supplying a small number of brush saws to those comfortable with their use

Please feel free to reach out the BBSS for more information, we’ll respond as best we’re able. See you all out there!


Email: bbskisociety@gmail.com

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