COVID-19 Update – All BBSS Structures Closed for Use

In response to the COVID- 19 pandemic, Recreation Sites and Trails BC issued a statement to the public and agreement holders on March 23, 2020. The full statement is included below.

In compliance with this statement the BBSS has closed all three of our cabins (Hankin warming hut, Hankin Fire Lookout and the Skylark at Ashman).  The Hankin outhouses are also closed.
If skiing keep at least 2 m away from all skiers that are not members of your household. This precludes travel in a vehicle with a ski partner who is not a member of your household.

If you choose to recreate in the backcountry at this time we recommend you make conservative decisions and avoid high risk activities. Keep in mind that Avalanche Canada’s ability to provide accurate forecasts is diminished, search and rescue services are limited and COVID-19 is putting unprecedented strain on our healthcare system.

The medical community is asking backcountry users to stay home. Read one explanation of this here.

Avalanche Canada is closing down forecasting centres early and will be issuing it’s final forecast of the season on Mar. 28th.

Recommendations are changing on a daily basis, keep yourself informed and be prepared to modify your plans in response to new information.

The BBSS will not be plowing the road to Hankin (Uptrack FSR) in response to this pandemic, and be aware that travelling conditions may become difficult and road impassable. An alternate use of the typical plowing expenses will be announced shortly, the BBSS intends to pursue funding for some exciting new projects with these funds. 

We wish you a safe and healthy Spring in these uncertain times.

Recreation Sites and Trails BC COVID-19 Response

Last Updated: March 23, 2020
Re: Recreation Sites and Trails BC response to COVID-19
Recreation Sites and Trails BC’s (RSTBC) number one priority is the health and safety of our staff, partners, volunteers, and visitors. We are following the advice of provincial health experts and bringing in new measures at recreation sites and trails to support the Province of British Columbia in its effort to
limit the spread of COVID-19.

Effectively immediately, RSTBC is temporarily closing recreation facilities and suspending services at many recreation sites and trails across BC. Our response to COVID-19 continues to change based on direction from the British Columbia provincial health officer (PHO). We will continue to communicate regularly. For now, visitors can expect the following:

Recreation trails offer opportunities for people to get out into nature. People may continue to access recreation trails to day hike and recreate. Visitors are reminded of the directives from the PHO to practice social distancing, stay home when you are sick and limit non-essential travel. We strongly recommend users consider local trails and do not travel for recreation purposes. For those who do decide to use trails, be mindful that you are responsible for your own safety and should exercise additional caution as trails will not be groomed or maintained during this time.

Recreation facilities where people gather and are in contact with frequently touched surfaces will be
closed. Closures will apply to fee collection booths and kiosks, overnight shelters, backcountry cabins,
day use shelters, and other related infrastructure. This includes facilities used for winter sports and activities (e.g. snowmobiling, nordic skiing, etc.), as well as all-season activities such as mountain biking and hiking.

Campgrounds and camping opportunities will be closed in many places. This applies to all camping areas that charge fees and to certain camping areas that are free of charge. Camping areas that have yet to open for the season will remain closed for the foreseeable future until otherwise directed by provincial health experts.

Visitors should consult the RSTBC website to be prepared for their visit and to be aware of any closures. RSTBC continues to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak closely and is following recommendations set out by the PHO and provincial health experts to assess when to reopen facilities and services and return to fulloperations.

More information:
• For more information on site and trail closures, visit the RSTBC Website and Facebook page. A
current list of closures can be found on the Current Site Closures page of the RSTBC Website.
• For information about COVID-19, how to protect yourself, your family and your community and what to do if you suspect you have the virus please visit the BC Centre for Disease Control’s Website.

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